1. How to shop in kaosrohani.com?
    We have easier shopping cart, no need to be member for shopping in our site.
    1. Choose tees that you want
    2. Checkout
    3. Fill the billing form
    4. We received your order, we will email you total payment with shipping cost and bank account for you to transfer, mostly we using BCA Bank. If you don't have BCA Bank account, you can pay through PayPal. Contact us for more detail about payment.
    5. You paid the bill
    6. Make payment confirmation through email or sms or whatsapp
    7. We send your tees

  2. How much is shipping cost to my city in Indonesia?
    We don't provide the shipping cost info here, but because we mostly using JNE, you can calculate your shipping cost through their website here. Put FROM city is Jakarta.

  3. Can you delivered to other country than Indonesia?
    Yes we can, but there is minimum order for delivered to other country than Indonesia. You have to buy min 4 tees. Contact us first for total shipping cost.

  4. Can I exchanged my tees?
    T-shirts that have been purchased can not be exchanged, so make sure you are measuring the length and width of your t-shirt size on size chart. Exchanged can be done only if you received broken screen printing t-shirts, shirts torn or perforated because of the packaging.

    We do not accept exchanged other than this reasons.

  5. Is there any size for woman?
    For now we using Man size for Woman, so you can see Man size guide.

  6. Can NWCR - kaosrohani.com make custom design for me?
    Yes we can, tell us what idea/concept that you want, we will make it for you :). Design fee is free but the design is our copyright and we can sell it again.

  7. Can I be reseller?
    Yes you can, buy min 5 pieces, then the next order you will get discount from us and you can sell again.